Yu Jean Nakashima


03/1995 Graduated from Sendai Junshin Girls’ High School, English language studies,. Kagoshima, Japan.

10/1997 Graduated from Language Studies Canada, Toronto, Canada

03/1998 Graduated from Kagoshima Universtiy,Law and Literature Department. Kagoshima, Japan.

04/2014- Research for a long term memory at Kagoshima University, Medical Department, Japan.

Employment History

04/1998-03/2002 Kagoshima Hoshigamine Junior High School. Teaching English to junior high school students.

05/2002-10/2004 GEOS English conversation school. Teaching English and TOEIC to adults.

04/2005 Founded English conversation school JEC ( Jean’s English Class). Teaching English to adults and children. Teaching English and TOEIC at Toyota Body Reseach & Development.


04/1996-03/1997 Homestay, Canada.
Lived with an English-speaking family for one year.

10/2005-1/2006 Peace Boat
Visited 16 countries and participated in volunteer work.


03/1998 English Teaching Certification
12/2006 TOEIC writing test 190 (out of 200)
12/2006 TOEIC speaking test 200 (out of 200)
07/2007 TOEIC reading part 460 (out of 495)
07/2007 TOEIC listening part 495 (out of 495)


Traveling, Cheerleading, Dance, Koto